Envirotech Named Business of the Year in 2014

Envirotech, Inc was proud to be named as a community leader and business of the year for 2014 by the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce. The following excerpt was taken from an article written by James Fenton of The Daily Times March 13, 2015:

“Envirotech was named Business of the Year at the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet Friday night at SunRay Park & Casino.

Founded 26 years ago by Morris Young, Envirotech provides environmental consulting and disposal services for the oil and gas industry.

Chamber President Janet Mackey praised the family-owned business of more than 60 employees for its charitable giving and community involvement.

‘We had two extra families come to us two days before Christmas, and (Envirotech) went above and beyond,’ Mackey said. ‘They gave us cash and had food for the (family for the) holidays. Bloomfield is blessed to have (Envirotech) in the community.’”